How to build (and improve) great bots!

Hi All, There are 4 key parts involved in the bot development lifecycle. Over time, several folks within YM have shared their learnings on these topics and we have consolidated them into 4 guideline documents, one for each step of the way (linked below). These summarise our experience of delivering . . . Read more

June – Case Study

Hello, Thank you for enrolling in Yellow Messenger’s Academy program. If you’d like to be certified and receive the Yellow Messenger – Platform Certification, please work on 2 bot journeys: 1. Basic Journey (required):Here you need to build a simple lead generation flow. Your bot has to converse with the user . . . Read more

Build your first chatbot

Building chatbot is fun. This article will guide you in building your first chatbot. We start with a basic bot which is as simple as greeting Hello World!. Then we move on to building a complex bot which can converse with users and answer complex queries. PREREQUISITES: INTENT LIFECYCLE, JAVASCRIPT (PROMISES) . . . Read more

API Management

API management is a faster and convenient way to manage and use APIs in the Yellow Messenger platform. You can find it under the Developer section as seen in the screenshot below. Why Should you use API Management? Following are some of the benefits that API management provides over the . . . Read more