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API Management

API management is a faster and convenient way to manage and use APIs in the Yellow Messenger platform. You can find it under the Developer section as seen in the screenshot below.

Why Should you use API Management?

Following are some of the benefits that API management provides over the traditional way of triggering APIs using Request object –

  1. Reduces lines of code and improves readability as you don’t have to define the Request object every time in the code anymore.
  2. Enables your business users to trigger APIs from the conversation builder with no code.
  3. API insights automatically capture metrics on API usage and failures improving visibility for your customers.
  4. You can test APIs for sandbox, staging, and production from a single console by simply changing the API keys.
  5. Postman collections and cURL can now directly be imported into API management.
  6. You can configure default failure messages, encoding, etc. directly from the console (see configurations section below).

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