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June – Case Study


Thank you for enrolling in Yellow Messenger’s Academy program. If you’d like to be certified and receive the Yellow Messenger – Platform Certification, please work on 2 bot journeys:

1. Basic Journey (required):
Here you need to build a simple lead generation flow. Your bot has to converse with the user and collect name, phone number, email, etc with validations for each and point the information to the database.

2. Bonus Journey (optional):
In this journey, you’ll have to go through our docs and integrate an API for a weather flow. For eg:  Bot should respond to “What is the weather in Bangalore?”

Note: Certificates will be provided once you complete the basic journey. Your learning curve would steepen if you work on both journeys.

Please submit your bot by 5:00 pm – 18th June using the form: https://forms.gle/NdNkP3cHyM6jyhvx5

To find your bot ID:

The bot ID can be pulled from the URL itself on accessing your bot from app.yellowmessenger.com. URL sample: https://app.yellowmessenger.com/#/a/ [x1582541659467] /ai/journeys. The part highlighted in brackets within the URL is your bot ID

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